Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Car

Do you own a black motor vehicle? If so you will immediately get what this article is about. Cleaning a black car can be one of the most frustrating things to do as they dry quickly leaving a streaky mess.

I am a passionate car owner and love my Mercedes Benz C-Class. It has blue tinted windows and matching blue leather interior and is a real head turner. The truth is though that my car never looks better when it is washed and waxed.

But one thing they don't tell you when you purchase a black automobile is just how difficult they are to clean on the outside. This is because the colour black absorbs any sunlight and means that as soon as you wipe soapy water on the surface it immediately evaporates leaving nothing but streaks and water marks.

Learning to overcome this became a bit of an obsession of mine as I am car proud and was committed to finding a way of making my baby shine on a sunny day. I tried lots of different car cleaning fluids to no avail I even tried using different types of car clothes and sponges as if that would somehow stop the water from drying up quickly.

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